Content Management Systems

Here's the problem . . .

You've got that one client that always needs you to make a change at the last minute. Several times a week, in fact. You've tried to tell him that you're too busy or don't have the time, but he insists that it's urgent and you hate to turn him down, after all, he is an old friend and does host through you...

That's were CMS comes in. "What in the world is 'CMS'?" you ask. It stands for "Content Management System". A CMS application will allow you to edit the content in portions of your website. -without having to learn all of the intricacies of HTML code or go through the hassle of acquiring and using an FTP program to upload your changes to the host server. It's the equivalent of using Microsoft Word to edit the text in a document. No sweat!

Typically, you simply login to the CMS program, select the webpage you wish to edit, make the changes and click "Save".

"It's a win-win deal!"

By integrating a CMS program with your clients websites, you help your customers by enabling them to make their edits directly. They no longer have to wait until you get their emails with a list of all of the changes they need, and then wait until it fits in with your schedule. Changes are instant, easy and efficient, made by the client at their pace, in their schedule.  And you save valuable time by not having to take care of all of the changes your self and taking a few items off of your to-do list.

It's the solution

Now you can offer a product that will benefit you both! We offer integration services for a variety of CMS applications. With solutions varying from small scale software that is easy to use for grandpa (who's just gotten a computer), to some of the more advanced open-source CMS applications that will allow you to edit everything in the dictionary.

If your website or application needs unique CMS capabilities, or you need a database driven site or application we offer custom programming to build you exactly what you want. Either way, we're confident that we can provide you with an online solution!